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Railway bridges lot 2A

Arad, Romania

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Railway / Railway bridges lot 2A
Location Arad, Romania
Client Compania Nationala De Cai Ferate (CFR)
Contractor Joint-Venture Astaldi-FCC-Salcef-Thales
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2018-ongoing
Weight 9.560 tons
Length 420 meters (50*2+80+110+80+50), 370 meters (50+80+110+80+50)

The construction of these two railway bridges crossing the Mures is part of the European project on the IV Pan European corridor aiming to improve railway transport in the area.

Construction of two painted railway bridges weighing 4.800 tons. The first one, named PK 574+550, stands on five pillars, two of which are on the riverbed; the one called PK 575+486 stands on four pillars two of which are on the riverbed. Through specific telescopic cranes, the structures are assembled on site in a launching zone having the same length of the deck. With a lunching nose of 130 tons, the structures are then put in position through jacks and hydraulic slides adjustable in height. Once the launch of the two decks is completed, they will be placed in the final position.