Innovative thinking is the engine to dream a different world, to imagine what could happen further.

Building transforms these ideas into reality: by shaping the space around us, we are given the possibility to leave a mark and actively contribute to the social and economic development of countries, communities and people.

Who we are

Specialist in the design, manufacturing and installation of steel structures

Maeg is an international player in the construction sector. With more than 40 years of experience, Maeg’s expertise can adapt to each project characteristics to devise tailor-made and innovative engineering solutions, concretely transforming design into substance.

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What do we do
Building long-term value
Ideas shape Dubai
The bridges that changed face of the city

Maeg entered the Dubai Water Canal project and the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) assigned it the task to build three pedestrian bridges crossing the canal.

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Maeg loves football
The Story of a Project between Innovation and Design

This is the story of the stadium Al Janoub, and it is also the story of Maeg that reached Qatar by chasing a dream.

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