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Suspension bridge A26
Chronicle of a unique work

Linz, Austria. Work is underway to build a major infrastructure that will solve the traffic problems. The heart of the project involves the construction of a suspension bridge right outside the city center.

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Green Deal, PNRR and Transportation
A challenge for the future
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Bridges’ main classifications
A brief overview
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What’s design?
Aesthetics and functionality of the latest Maeg works
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Muhammad Baqir Al-Sadr Bridge
A maeg project for the rebirth of Basra
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Building with steel
Discovering a resistant, versatile and sustainable material
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Maeg for sustainable development
A more sustainable future through bridges, roads and railways
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Maeg for Emergency
Centre of excellence in paediatric surgery
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Maeg's production process
Welcome behind the scenes of Maeg’s world
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Maeg loves football
The Story of a Project between Innovation and Design
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Ideas shape Dubai
The bridges that changed face of the city
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