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Loukkos Railway Viaduct

Larache, Morocco

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Viaducts / Loukkos Railway Viaduct
Location Larache, Morocco
Client Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF)
Contractor Société Générale desTravaux du Maroc (SGTM)
Period of execution 2012-2015
Weight 10.495 tons
Length 2.256 meters

Part of the broader project arriving to Casablanca, it serves the 350 kilometers long high-speed train line between Tangier and Kenitra, halving the travel time among the main cities of the country. At the completion of the works, this railway line will be one of the longest in the whole Africa.

The Loukkos Railway Viaduct crosses the Loukkos River and has a total length of 2.256 meters, divided in 41 spans with a variable length between 51.6 and 56.5 meters. Single spans were lifted and launched from the ground. From the planimetric point of view, the viaduct has a constant curvature with a radius of 25.000 meters. The structure is composed of two main double-T beams, 3.75 meters high and with an interaxle spacing of 6.3 meters, whose thickness increase in correspondence of the bearings. On the lower part of the structure, 2 meters wide flat slabs are placed and fixed to the main beams by means of studs and concrete, acting both as a bracing and planking level to inspect the structure.