Center International Conferences - CIC

Algiers, Algeria

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Location Algiers, Algeria
Client Algerian government
Contractor China State Construction Engineering Corp. Ltd. (CSCEC)
Scope of work Design and supply of steel structures
Period of execution 2011-2014
Weight 6.615 tons

With an overall surface of more than 110.000 square meters able to host up to 10.000 people, 5.000 of which only in the main conference room, it is the biggest conference centre in North Africa. The project has been conceived and financed by the Algerian Government to step up its position in the international arena.

The main beams of the CIC roofing are reticular trusses made of tubular profiles with a triangular section disposed with a pair chords on top and one on the bottom. Secondary reticular trusses support the purlins.
The 6.613 tons heavy steel structure develops around a central circular body, called T4, with a diameter of 95 meters realized with reticular trusses made of tubular pipes with a maximum height of 6 meters. Around it, the main covering T5 develops for 330 meters, extending other 150 meters with the coverage T1 and T2.