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Golden Tulip Plaza Caserta covering

Caserta, Italy

Projects / Special structures / Coverings / Golden Tulip Plaza Caserta covering
Location Caserta, Italy
Client Hotel Marina di Castello S.p.A.
Period of execution 2004
Weight 300 tons

The roofing of the Golden Tulip Plaza Hotel is the biggest structure of its type in Italy and one of the largest in Europe: a ventilated covering made of steel and shatterproof glass realized to cover the internal courtyard of this luxurious complex, conceived to create a new hub in the ex Saint Gobain area of the city.

The hotel is formed by a visually striking U-shaped body. This structure is the biggest of its type in Europe: it has a surface of 3.600 square meters (58.5*58.5 meters) supported by 300 tons of tubular arches that, to balance the seismic of the area, directly anchor to a system of bearings transmitting horizontal forces through sliding supports. The dome, made of shatterproof laminated glass, could not be assembled on the ground and has been directly installed at height starting from perimeter beams