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Science Bridge

Rome, Italy

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Trestle-bridges / Science Bridge
Location Rome, Italy
Client Municipality of Rome (Roma Capitale - Dipartimento Programmazione e Attuazione Urbanistica)
Contractor ATI Maeg Costruzioni S.p.a. - Acqua e Verde Nord srl
Period of execution 2010-2011
Weight 700 tons
Length 142 meters

Infrastructure for pedestrian and cycle circulation, the Science Bridge was born as a link between two post-industrial areas of the city of Rome, connecting the Ostiense area with the surrounding districts, offering a meeting point for collective activities and installations. The bridge was dedicated to Rita Levi Montalcini, Nobel Prize for medicine.

The Science Bridge has an overall length of 142 meters and it is made of two “legs”, placed at 100 meters from one another on the shores with asymmetrical cantilever of 30 and 15 meters, reducing the distance between the shores to 36 meters. The erection methodology has been conceived to avoid any interaction with the below river during installation: the two supporting legs have been cantilevered and temporarily supported with cables, while the deck has been firstly preassembled on the ground and then slid in position by means of a launching girder. The central span includes the presence of steel cables connected to the supporting legs, transferring the loads and reducing the risk of bending. The deck has a constant width of 10.2 meters.