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North Bridge

Parma, Italy

Projects / Bridge / North Bridge
Location Parma, Italy
Client Stu Authority
Contractor Europa Scarl
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2011
Weight 1.100 tons
Length 160 meters

The project has been conceived to connect the Parma railway station to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), with the aim also to offer commercial and expositive areas hosting scientific and educational spaces as well as start-ups.

The North Bridge consists of two parallel bridges: a road one, made of four lanes, and another pedestrian one developing on three planking levels for a height of 15 meters. Realized in steel and glass, it has a total length of 160 meters composed of three spans laying on two concrete pillars, reaching an overall weight of the steel structures of 1.100 tons.