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Marghera Bridge

Venice, Italy

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Cable-stayed-suspension-bridges / Marghera Bridge
Location Venice, Italy
Client Venice Port Authority
Contractor Rizzani de Eccher S.p.A.
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2002-2004
Weight 4.710 tons
Length 421 meters (42+105+124+30+42*2+36)

The design of the project was born in the Parisian studio Jean Muller International (JMI) and was shown at the exhibition “Venice: the new architecture” in 1999: the unusual curvilinear structure and the 75 meters high antenna that made of the bridge the new symbol of the reconversion of the industrial area of Porto Marghera.

This double-carriageway bridge, with a width of 27.7 meters and a total length of 421 meters, presents a curvilinear structure with a radius of 175 meters.
The two main spans are supported by 18 steel cables connected to the 75.4 meters tall antenna made of concrete, which is inclined of 19 degrees with respect to the vertical axis and present a variable triangular section.
Overall, the weight of the steel structures reaches 4.710 tons. The area surrounding the construction site has always remained open to port and road traffic limiting the maneuvering space. It required to assemble the central spans above the dock from a barge and then placed them between the central pillar and temporary towers located on the shores until the final lowering by means of four hydraulic towers.

The operations were performed within a timeframe of twelve hours per span, when the tidal conditions were favorable.