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Sarpi-Dalmazia Flyover

Padua, Italy

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Arch-bridges / Sarpi-Dalmazia Flyover
Location Padua, Italy
Client Municipality of Padua
Contractor ATI Consta Consorzio Stabile Soc. Cons. p.a. - Consorzio Ciro Menotti
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2007-2008
Weight 1.700 tons
Length 102 meters

The Sarpi-Dalmazia flyover crosses the Padua’s railways station and represents an important contribution to the local road network, connecting the suburban neighbourhood called Arcella to the city centre. It has been launched by using roller conveyors without interfering with the below train traffic, which has never been interrupted.

The structure is composed of two arches converging together on the North side forming, from above, an isosceles triangle. The arches have a trapezoidal section, reach 23 meters of height and are connected by reticular bracings. Steel cables support the 102 meters long and 22 meters wide deck of the bridge, which is composed of five longitudinal beams with a centre to centre distance of 4 meters, laying on horizontal double-T elements 2 meters high. Altogether, the structure has a weight of 1.700 tons. The assembly phase took place without interfering with the below railway traffic: firstly it has been pre-assembled on the ground with the aid of temporary towers, secondly it slid in position by means of roller conveyors until, finally, it has been hooked and secured to support pillars with steel ropes.