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Sant’Andrea roundabout

Gorizia, Italy

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Arch-bridges / Sant’Andrea roundabout
Location Gorizia, Italy
Client Commissario Delegato per l’Emergenza della Mobilità Riguardante la A4 ed il Raccordo Villesse
Contractor FVG Cinque Scarl
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2010-2012
Weight 790 tons
Length 65+50 meters

  • The project is part of the project to transform the Villesse-Gorizia junction into a highway and completes the Sant’Andrea roundabout in the city of Gorizia, before the Italian border with Slovenia. Given the symbolic position, the colours of the bridges recall the Italian flag: red arches, supported by white cables and beams, surrounded by the green of the landscape.**

    The project consists of two arch bridges placed one in front of the other, the first with 40 meters long and 84 tons heavy arch, while the second, slightly smaller, has 34 meters long and 64 tons heavy arch. The deck is composed of a reticular beam supported by steel cables hooked to the arch, which is inclined of 30 degrees towards the internal part of the roundabout. The installation of the arches can be divided into two main phases: they were first raised horizontally by using a 300-tons crane and then, with a slow rotation, raised and turned. Finally, two 120-tons cranes placed on the side accompanied the rotation of the arch to correctly position the two ends to fit perfectly into the supports until the joints were welded.