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Skuru Bridge

Stockholm, Sweden

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Viaducts / Skuru Bridge
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Client Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket)
Contractor Itinera S.p.A.
Period of execution 2020-2022
Weight 5.800 tons
Length 317 meters (41+63+99+68+46)

Situated in the east of Stockholm in the municipality of Nacka, the new Skuru Bridge substitutes the existing arch bridge from 1914 to solve an untenable traffic situation for people commuting to the capital, a figure exceeding 52,000 every day.

The design of the bridge has been chosen out of an international contest among design firms and it has been chosen for its slender and aerodynamic shape made as transparent as possible to create a connection between the two structures, without the new bridge blocking the view of the old.
The bridge is structures in two separate carriageways connected by welded cross beams only in correspondence of the pillars and embankment. The geometry of the decks is quite complex as it curves both transversally and longitudinally. It is made of steel “wing profile” closed sections, composed of orthotropic steel slab. The bottom part of the pillars is made of concrete, while the upper part connecting to the deck is made of steel. Considering the limited amount of space, on the shore it is realized at a height of 15 meters a temporary factory with a surface of 2.500 square meters and a height of 18 meters inside which the steel deck will be assembled, welded, painted and launched with hydraulic jacks and launching nose 72 meters long. Once the launching is complete, the whole steel deck will be lowered to the pillars to be welded in its final configuration.