Railway viaducts Simeto and Buttaceto

Bae di Sotto, Italy

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Railway / Railway viaducts Simeto and Buttaceto
Location Bae di Sotto, Italy
Client Rete Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. (RFI)
Contractor S. Agata FS S.C.ar.l.
Scope of work Design, fabrication and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2020 - ongoing
Weight 3 400 tons
Length 310 meters (61,67 + 62,5 + 62,5 + 62,5 + 61.67)

The project is part of the doubling of the high-speed railway line from Catania to Palermo for the modernisation of the high-speed network, thus increasing the capacity of public transport in Sicily.

The project consists of the railway viaduct over the Simeto river, which has a reticular structure made up of welded metal box beams of the “triangular grid” type at the bottom closed at the top, with joints in place between the various structural elements fully bolted. The total length is 310 metres composed of 5 spans and 10 metal beams. In addition, the second viaduct over the Buttaceto river is 68 metres long.
Both are assembled on the ground and launched in position.