Place Vendôme domes

Doha, Qatar

Projects / Special structures / Coverings / Place Vendôme domes
Location Doha, Qatar
Client United Development Company (UDC)
Contractor Construction & Reconstruction Engineering Company (CRC)
Scope of work Design, fabrication and installation of steel structures and glasses
Period of execution 2017-2019
Weight 1.230 tons

Place Vendôme is a luxurious mixed-use development of one million square meters, hosting two parking basements and two parking towers, two floors with shops, three 5-star hotels and an internal canal directly connected to the sea.

The building is completed by thirteen skylight domes, different from one another both in shape and finishing. Maeg has realized both the steel structure and the aluminum and glass cladding of each dome, optimizing the combination amongst the different materials, proving itself as a competitor in the field of installations of architectural envelops. Overall, the weight of the steel structure amount to 1.230 tons, while the glass surface reaches 35.000 square meters.