Corinthia Hotel

Khartoum, Sudan

Projects / Civil buildings / Hospitality-offices / Corinthia Hotel
Location Khartoum, Sudan
Client Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company (L.A.F.I.C.O.)
Contractor Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti (C.M.C.)
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2005-2006
Weight 3.770 tons

The Corinthia Hotel is one of the first five-star hotels in the Sudanese capital. It is in front of the meeting point of the Blue and White Nile, in one of the most alive districts of the city. The hotel has a majestic sail-like curved façade that has become a symbol of economic and cultural renovation for the city, offering 230 rooms and spaces for cultural and sport activities.

The Corinthia Hotel is composed of a central structure with a variable section made of steel and concrete, connected to 18 irregularly shaped floors reaching a total weight of 2.200 tons and a height of 85 meters. Externally, the curved façade is covered of steel and glass.

In addition to the main building, on the side, there is a four-floors shopping mall and a conference centre, covering a total surface of 5.300 square meters with a weight for the steel structures of 1.230 tons. A 270 tons structure with a length of 90 meters composes a coverage at the entrance. The sum of the different areas amounts to a total surface of 60.000 square meters.
The assembly phase has been performed under sever climate conditions, with temperature between 35° and 55° C, lifting the pieces at considerable heights, up to 100 meters.