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Paris 13 - Austerlitz T6B Covering

Paris, France

Projects / Civil buildings / Hospitality-offices / Paris 13 - Austerlitz T6B Covering
Location Paris, France
Contractor Bouygues Travaux Publics Sas
Period of execution 2023-2024
Weight 2.650 tons

Imagined as a true link between the National Library of France and Station F, it is part of the dynamic of the Arc of Innovation while contributing to the emergence of a peaceful urbanity in the Tolbiac Chevaleret district.

The work was conceived as a bridge building, covering tracks near the Austerlitz station on which to build a building in response to the needs of new spaces and services in the 13th arrondissement. The metal carpentry consists of a deck of approximately 53 meters by 55 meters made up of 17 girders, from which six Warren beams then support the concrete building above, with a surface area of 13,500 m2.