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Moving walkway VCE airport

Venice, Italy

Projects / Civil buildings / Airports / Moving walkway VCE airport
Location Venice, Italy
Client SAVE S.p.A.
Contractor E.MA.PRI.CE. S.p.A.
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2015-2016
Weight 605 tons

The moving walkway is a closed and elevated pedestrian gallery that connects the VCE airport dock with the parking garage and the passenger terminal. The path is inspired by the High Line in New York, offering an extensive view framed by a by a “green” wall made of trees and flowers, recreating the feeling of being outdoors.

This structure hosts an elevated pedestrian path including moving walkways aimed to facilitate the connection between passenger terminals, the parking garage and the dock. The project is developed in two distinct constructions: the pedestrian path, 365 meters long with a weight of the steel structures of 605 tons meant to solve the previous interference with road viability, and a building on the dock easing the connection with the city of Venice by water taxi and ferry boats.