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Morava railway arch bridges

Brodske, Slovakia

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Railway / Morava railway arch bridges
Location Brodske, Slovakia
Client Železnice Slovenskej republiky
Period of execution 2022-2024
Weight 1.590 tons
Length 139 meters (29.5+80+29.5)

On the border between Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the work replaces an existing bridge for the modernization of the Devínska Nová Ves railway line.

The structure consists of two identical but separate structures laying on the existing pillars of the work. Each structure has a width of 7 meters and a central arch span of 80 meters. To avoid interrupting the railway section, the existing bridge was partially dismantled and replace with the new structure so that, once operative, it allows the dismantling of the second part to install the second structure.
The work is assembled on the ground, next to the working track, and launched over the Morava River.