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Footbridge 3

Dubai, UAE

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Footbridges / Footbridge 3
Location Dubai, UAE
Client Road & Transport Authority (RTA)
Contractor Belhasa Six Construct LLC
Period of execution 2016
Weight 1.380 tons
Length 170 meters

Third footbridge crossing the Dubai Water Canal, it is a parallelepiped twisting of 180 degrees, wrapping around the internal walkway and offering a dynamic movement that accompanies those who pass through it. The footbridge is cladded with a series of aluminium frames protecting from the sun from an oblique angle but allowing, when passing through, an open view towards the city skyline.

The construction phase took place during one of the most critical moments along the realization of the Dubai Water Canal, just before the flooding of the canal to achieve the inauguration date. This condition prevented the possibility to work from inside the canal and forced to complete the installation in a little more than a month: the solution has been the installation of a temporary bridge that firstly supported preassembled elements until welding completion also ensuring a working surface to operate, which has then been removed at once. The temporary bridge has been indeed hooked to a barge that, taking advantage of the low tide, has been freed from the permanent structure and then transported somewhere else to dismantle it separately. The footbridge measures 6.5*6.5 meters and has a total weight of 1.386 tons. It is also called Jumeirah Bridge 2, as it connects the district of Al Safa to the archaeological site of Jumeirah, one of the most important archaeological sites of the UAE with findings from the 6th century AD.

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