Muhammad Baquir Al-Sadr Bridge

Basra, Iraq

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Cable-stayed-bridge / Muhammad Baquir Al-Sadr Bridge
Location Basra, Iraq
Client Basra Governorate
Contractor Maeg Branch Iraq
Scope of work General Contractor
Period of execution 2013-2017
Weight 6.100 tons
Length 1.188 meters

This structure, crossing the union of the rivers Tigris and Euphrates, is the first great realization of a broader urbanization program of the Iraqi region. By connecting the city of Basra to its suburbs developing transport and trade, the project has had a remarkable impact on the local population. Maeg was appointed as a General Contractor, completing the work in just 26 months.

The project is composed of two viaducts having a length of 450 (37+43*8+69) taking to a central cable-stayed bridge 288 meters long (69+150+69) and supported 14 steel cables connected to two antennas 40 meters tall. The width of the bridge is 21.5 meters. Altogether, the weight of the steel structures is 6.017 tons, supported by 25 concrete pillars having a diameter between 1.8-2 meters, dug into the ground at a depth of 50 meters to offset the seismicity of the area. Overall, 33.500 cubic meters of concrete have been used. The assembly method was designed to meet two main requirements: firstly, to concentrate as many activities as possible on the ground, where working conditions are easier and more controlled, and secondly to avoid interference with the maritime traffic. The solution was to create on both sides of the bridge a pre-assembly area equipped with gantry cranes to prepare 10-12 meters long segments to be slid on roller conveyors by means of jacks and then installed by incremental launching. Similarly, steel antennas were firstly transported at location horizontally, then lifted with jacks and a specially designed equipment installed in front and behind the antenna to allow final positioning.