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Expo-Fair footbridge (PEF)

Milan, Italy

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Footbridges / Expo-Fair footbridge (PEF)
Location Milan, Italy
Client EXPO 2015 S.p.A.
Contractor Passerella Scarl
Period of execution 2014
Weight 2.100 tons
Length 527 meters

The PEF footbridge was built at entrance of the 2015 Expo in Milan, connecting the world exhibition to the Rho commercial area. Unlike most of the others temporary structures built for the Expo, which have been dismantled at the end of the event, this footbridge remained in place and at disposal for residents.

The footbridge has an overall length of 527 meters and passes over the below road and train traffic, facilitating the visitors flow from one side to the other. The structure has, altogether, a weight of 2.100 tons composed by more than 5 kilometers of reticular welded beams. From the installation point of view, segments of the structure with different lengths have been assembled on dedicated areas on the ground, then lifted with 400 tons cranes and positioned on top of the supporting columns.