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Milan, Italy

Projects / Civil buildings / Hospitality-offices / VP22 COMPLEX
Location Milan, Italy
Client AMS Holding Spa
Contractor Colombo Costruzioni SpA
Period of execution 2022-2023
Weight 700 tons

“VP22”, concerns the demolition and reconstruction of three buildings from the 1960s, in via Vittor Pisani 22, between Milan Central Station and piazza della Repubblica.

The square-based building consists of a steel framework for 10 floors including stairs and walkways, with a cube at the top that completes the architectural composition. The property is spread over an area of 18,000 m2 with over 60 parking spaces and an internal garden of 800 m2 which houses numerous tall trees, in fact I also take the name of “hidden forest” for its attention to green spaces and to the terrace with a 360° view of the Milan skyline.