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Valtellina Viaduct

Morbegno, Italy

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Viaducts / Valtellina Viaduct
Location Morbegno, Italy
Client ANAS S.p.A.
Contractor Ing. Claudio Salini Grandi Lavori S.p.A.
Period of execution 2009-2014
Weight 8.250 tons
Length 3.850 meters

The project is part of the variant of the state highway n. 38 between the intersection with the road n. 36 “of the Como lake” at the km 8+200, so-called “dello Stelvio”, in the municipality of Cosio Valtellino. The infrastructure will improve the connection of the lower part of the Valtellina valley, reducing the transit on local roads and ensuring safety and livability to residents.

The Valtellina Viaduct consists of two parallel mixed viaducts having a total length of 3.850 meters, divided into seven segments measuring 480 meters and composed of ten spans each (40+50*8+40) and a final eighth segment with eleven spans having a length of 490 meters. The section of the viaduct measures 13 meters of width and comprises two main beams with inclined web with a variable height of the beam between 1.75 and 2.80 meters (in correspondence of the pillars). The connection between the two main beams is made by mean of lower reticular bracings aimed to absorb horizontal loads. Altogether, the weight of the steel structure amounts to 8.249 tons. The installation of the viaduct crossing the bottom of the Valtellina valley has been performed from the bottom using cranes.