Tevere Viaduct

Monterotondo, Italy

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Location Monterotondo, Italy
Client Anas S.p.A.
Contractor Tecnis S.p.A.
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2009-2010
Weight 2.400 tons
Length 375 meters (50+75+125+80+50)

The realization of the Tevere Viaduct is part of a broader project of renovation of the state road Salaria n. 4 in Monterotondo connecting it with the provincial road “Tiberina”. It consists of a viaduct with double-T beams with a variable section, with welded longitudinal and transversal joints.

The steel structure of the Tevere Viaduct has a weight of 2.400 tons with an overall length of 375 meters. The peculiarity of the project lies in the erection methodology conceived for the installation of the 125 meters long central span above the Tevere River. The conformity of the site made impossible to install any temporary equipment inside the river and offered a limited manoeuvring space on the shores, forcing to opt for a cantilevered solution for the installation. To overcome these constraints, two pitches have been realized on the shores, also using sheet piles, in a way to create more space able to support two 600 tons cranes. The cantilevered installation of the segments has forced the cranes to work at the top of their payload.