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Sidi Maârouf Bridge

Casablanca, Morocco

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Cable-stayed-suspension-bridges / Sidi Maârouf Bridge
Location Casablanca, Morocco
Client Direction Regionale de L'Equipements, du Transport et de la Logistique du Grande Casablanca
Contractor Société d'Exploitation des Procédés Boussiron (SEPROB SA)
Period of execution 2016-2018
Weight 3.500 tons
Length 224 meters (36+138+50)

This asymmetric cable-stayed bridge, built in the center of Casablanca, is the second biggest bridge in Morocco of its typology. Its main purpose is to improve the viability of the Sidi Maârouf district, where six main arterial roads converge reaching a peak transit of more than 17.000 vehicles per hour.

The structure is characterized by a 75 meters tall antenna composed by a metal core and covered of reinforced concrete, inclined of 12 degrees with the regards to the vertical axis. This single-antenna solution has been preferred to satisfy the requirement to leave the below road traffic as unhindered as possible, avoiding the placement of pillars. For this reason, the 138-meter-long central span realized of a steel framework reinforced with a concrete slab is supported by 27 steel cables, divided in three groups and three directions. Overall, the weight of the steel structure is 3.500 tons.