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Guayllabamba Bridge

Quito, Ecuador

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Trestle-bridges / Guayllabamba Bridge
Location Quito, Ecuador
Client Panavial SA
Contractor Herdoiza Crespo Construcciones SA (HCC)
Scope of work Design, supply and installation of steel structures
Period of execution 2013-2014
Weight 1.240 tons
Length 150 meters

The Guayllabamba Bridge is located on the new highway connecting the capital, Quito, with the new airport allowing the transition of more than 15.000 vehicles per day, boosting local economies and tourism.

This trestle-type bridge has a total length of 150 meters with a central span, between the supports, measuring 105 meters. One of the two final spans is curved and consists of two independent carriageways with a width of 12 meters each, reaching a total steel weight of 1.240 tons. The assembly phase took place in an arduous territory, which forced to operate with a minimum manoeuvre space creating accessibility problems to the construction site. Consequently, a mixed assembly methodology has been chosen to expedite the execution: firstly, the supports or “legs” have been installed and kept in balance by using a temporary-cable system, secondly the straight portion of the deck has been launched from the top and finally the last spans have been installed by using crawler cranes.