Energy plants

Cairo, Egypt

Projects / Industrial-buildings / Energy plants
Location Cairo, Egypt
Contractor Orascom Construction Group
Scope of work Design and supply of steel structures
Period of execution 2015-2017
Weight 27.300 tons

The establishment of an important continuous partnership for the design and supply of steel structures for industrial buildings, located in the North of Africa, has brought to a production of more than 27.000 tons.

The growing population and economy in the Northern regions of Africa has required to upgrade the energy distribution system to nurture industrial activities and satisfy domestic requirements. Out of the several plants. The biggest one consists in the supply of more than 10.400 tons of steel for the construction of the New Capital power plant: a gas-fired combined cycle power plant complex where the gas burns into steam creating energy, optimizing the energy efficiency by 50 percent. With 4800 MW power capacity, it sets to supply around 15 million people with electricity, supporting the development of the region.