Drini Bridge

Kukës, Albania

Projects / Bridges & viaducts / Arch-bridges / Drini Bridge
Location Kukës, Albania
Client Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures of Albania
Contractor SALILLARI Ltd
Period of execution 2020-2021
Weight 4.100 tons
Length 310 meters (20+270+20)

The Drini Bridge is built above the Black Drin, an artificial lake resulting from the construction of the 167 meters tall Fierza Hydroelectric Power Station in 1978, which now have many canyons and some small islands, to improve the mobility in the region.

The bridge is composed of three spans, the central one measuring 270 meters making of it one of the biggest arch bridges in Europe. The arch reaches a height of 55 meters from the level of deck and at the extremities it splits in two to rest on concrete pillars, some of which built directly in the water, to transfer the loads. The deck has a width of 23 meters.
The structure is made of weathering steel and it is preassembled on the shore with the support of temporary towers, to be later launched in position by means of a barge that, due to the great size required, is specifically built at site.