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Cameri military airport

Cameri, Italy

Projects / Industrial-buildings / Cameri military airport
Location Cameri, Italy
Client Alenia Aeronautica
Contractor Impresa Costruzioni Giuseppe Maltauro S.p.A.
Period of execution 2010-2014
Weight 10.380 tons

The Cameri Air Base is a logistic hub for the military aviation in which take place the assembly of F35 Joint Strike Fighter aircrafts, reaching a maximum production of 96 aircraft per year.

The overall site covers a surface of a million square meters and hosts 22 buildings with a total weight of the structural bolted steel structures of 10.384 tons and destined for the construction, maintenance and logistic of these military aircrafts. This project had a positive impact on the local economy as well, creating six thousand new jobs, increasing the demand of members and beginning a technology renovation in the local industry.