Maeg in partnership for the Danube Bridge

Maeg is taking part at the realisation of the new suspended bridge over the Danube River: it is one of the most important structural projects to solve the congestion of traffic in Linz.

This four-lanes bridge, 385 meters long, has a steel deck with an estimated weight of 2000 tons, supported by steel cables with diameter of 145mm.
The project is part of the new A26 Linzer-Autobhan motorway, covering 3.3 kilometres and including the construction of two tunnels, north and south, as well as operational centres and support buildings to assure security measures.

In this project Maeg will collaborate with ICM Group and F-Pile in a Joint Venture.
The start of the project is foreseen for January 2019, the finalisation in 2023.

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