Grand opening of the cable-stayed bridge in Basra, Iraq

On the 10th of August 2017, the Mohammad Baqir Al-Sadr cable-stayed Bridge has officially been opened to the public in Basra, second largest city of Iraq and country’s main port.

Commissioned by Basra Governorate, Maeg was selected as General Contractor to build this ambitious project. The work was completed at an unusually fast pace, just two and a half years, and it has been fully designed and manufactured in Italy.

The bridge, the first important work completed in the country after the Gulf War, represents the will of a country to rebuild and renovate itself after the suffering of enormous damages both to the building and the industrial heritage. A state-of-the-art work that will play a crucial role in the economic development of the whole region, connecting the south of Basra with the routes to Iran.

“Maeg believed in this project from the beginning,” – explains founder Alfeo Ortolan – “we were aware of the difficulties created by the war, political and economic instability, bureaucracy, lack of goods and services in the local market. Anyway, we decided to believe and to invest all of our capabilities in this unique work.”

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