Acquisition of the Sidi-Maârouf Bridge

Maeg will build in the centre of Casablanca, in Morocco, the Sidi Maârouf Cable-stayed Bridge.

The metal deck of the Bridge has a total approximate weight of 1.700 tons divided in three asymmetric spans of 36+139+50 for a total length of 225 meters, supported by a set of steel cables starting from a central antenna reaching 73 meters of height. These features make of the Sidi Maârouf Bridge the second biggest bridge of its type in Morocco, second only to the Rafat Bridge (under construction).

The Bridge is located in Marj Californie, a district of the city connecting the city centre and Mohammed V International Airport and particularly congested by the traffic – reaching peaks of 14.000 cars during rush hours – with the aim to solve the traffic congestion problem.

The project is divided in three phases: first, the realization of the bridge; second, the construction of two roundabouts; third, the completion of the adjacent tramline. The finalization of the structures, managed by the General Contractor SEPROB, is foreseen for the end of 2018.

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